Itapuã Beiramar - "Capoeira Q Roda"

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Itapuã Beiramar - "Capoeira Q Roda"

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"This Project brings to the screen a new perspective of Capoeira, working to promote this Brazilian art all around the world. Capoeira Q Roda program will follow 4 good capoeira players with different styles – Gege Poggi, Itapuã Beiramar, Guaxini do Mar and Catarina – visiting the main capoeira rodas in Salvador, Itaparica and Feira de Santana. The relation between those players and their vision on this meeting guides this program with many surprises, full of amazing capoeira games and incredible skills.

I am Itapuã Beiramar and I’ve been working with capoeira videos on the Internet for 10 years now. I created the Capoeira Channel, the first website aiming to improve the audiovisual identity of capoeira. The idea is to use a modern way to call the general public’s attention to the beauty, music and many others abilities of this Brazilian art.

To produce Capoeira Q Roda I travelled to Bahia in November 2011 with my video equipment. Now I need to gather people to edit, make the art, the vignette, the translation, put the English subtitles and finish this project as soon as possible. This is why I need all of you who believe in this project to contribute and be a part of this story. If we make it, the eight chapters will be broadcasted weekly at, starting on April 20th 2012.

Choose the reward you would like best and contribute. Then, after that, spread the word among your friends for them to contribute too. The quotas are from R$15,00 to R$3.000,00 with proportional rewards (see on the side). If we raise the amount needed, Capoeira Q Roda will be produced and you gain your reward. If we can’t make it, don’t worry, you’ll receive your money back and there are no rewards!

It’s important to participate and make history. Capoeira deserves it! Axé."