Russia Today: Бразильское искуство капоэйра становится частью русской души

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Russia Today: Бразильское искуство капоэйра становится частью русской души

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Who knew the oppression of Brazilian slaves hundreds of years ago would beat a path to Russia’s door in the 21st century? RT visited the annual capoeira fest to find out what attracts the country’s youth to the ancient sport and dance.

The Real Brazil festival in Moscow has attracted people from Russia, Ukraine, France, Israel and of course Brazil.

“Capoeira is growing very fast in Russia,” Edan Marrari, a capoeira master from Israel, told RT. “Russians are just discovering what capoeira is all about: the freedom of Brazil, the body movements, the body language, and of course martial arts are very strong in Russia.”

There are thirteen belts to earn before masterhood is achieved, and many of the young people participating in the fest are receiving their first. “Capoeira is not competitive,” Marrari said. “It’s more like an art than a fight system. It’s good for your spirit, it’s great for your body and most people do it because it’s fun.” Back in the day, capoeira was rather about survival in a hostile social climate. At times it was even made illegal. Like so many forms of native dance, capoeira employs combat moves. It was used by Brazilians to express oppression. Later it evolved into artistic expression and a form of celebration. The director of Moscow’s Real Capoeira School says this dance gives curious young dancers access to cultures many of them have only read about. “We've traveled for five years, visited a lot of countries and invited the best 25 masters to come here from Brazil, France, Italy, everywhere,” Alexander Rogozin, from the Real Capoeira School, told RT. “Every year it becomes more and more popular here. I can compare it with yoga. It’s very good for your body, mood and energy.”